Why Troika? [a passion for design]

Troika is a world leader in high design, playful gifts and accessories for the discerning professional man and woman. Its well designed products are made of high grade materials with impeccable finish. Creating joyful products that are user friendly, tactile and of lasting value. Troika started in 1972 in England as a manufacturer of custom gear knobs for MG cars. From there it expanded into personal, desk and travel accessories of the highest quality and design. In the 1980's the three partners(Troika is 3 in Russian) Moved headquarters to the beautiful countryside just outside of Frankfurt Germany. Troika is the winner of over 60 Design prizes including the prestigious Red Dot Award, Design Preis Deutchand and the Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum. Troika lives by its motto "Man freut sich" roughly translated out of German as "be delighted". With Troika's great product line of wonderful gifts Troika has been delighting gift givers and recipients alike for over 35 years

Why Paperthinks? [a love story]

The husband and wife team of Aron and Joey Yu co-founded Paperthinks with the idea of providing eco-friendly and quality notebooks, bags and accessories without sacrificing style and design.

The Yu's philosophy can be traced back to their college years in California.

After living in the Bay Area for a decade, Aron moved back to Hong Kong to take over his family's printing company. During the same time he met his wife Joey. They shared many of the same interests, including nostalgia for the vibrancy and colors of California and a passion for quality notebooks. When Joey complained that she could not find an elegant and ecofriendly journal, something clicked. there had to be a better and more environmental way of producing quality notebooks without sacrificing style.

Hence, the name Paperthinks, with an emphasis on "Thinks"; after years of searching but not finding what they wanted on the market, the Yu's decided to provide it themselves.

Now you can purchase your own beautiful, recycled leather-bound notebooks, bags and accessories that are both eco and wallet-friendly. Everyone has their own colour and you are sure to find you favorite among the 24 colours in the Paperthinks collection.

(In case you were wondering: we have black notebooks too)

Think Colour, Think Green.